Monday, December 10, 2012

How to flash samsung gt-c3262 using your PC

Recently i bought a samsung champ champ GT-C3262 mobile phone and it works great and i was able to install java games and apps and they runs great on the phone. 

Unfortunately I reset the phone(master reset) and after that, every time I try to install a java program to the phone, It says Downloaded jar are invalid 
I search everywhere and ask my friends and found nothing to fix the problem. Finely i found a solution that is to flash the phone. It works and now i want to show you if you don't know how to flash samsung champ GT-C3262.

You need this things to start flashing your champ GT-C3262
1. Samsung Kies Download samsung kies
2. Firmware and  Flash loader Download Firmware and Flash loader
3. USB cable for samsung GT-C3262

Ok this is how to flash, watch this video.

If the fonts are not clear, Download the video from this link select MP4 720p
Or change the video quality to 720p on player..

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sidharth sharma said...

hey bro can u plz tell me that can we flash any samsung phone using data cable and without using ufs.>>>>>??????????????

amol patil said...

what the role of kies here


Kise is for usb drivers. Yes of coz you can flash your samsung with USB cable.

Paul Light said...

will it have portuguse language?

praneeth madushan said...

No its english

kumar abhishek said...

where is firmware for c3262 i can't found

vinay kumar said...

my mobile is this .when i switch on my phone the starting wallpaper only coming.. its becoming on and off after every few seconds ..Is it the flash problem or something damagd inside the mobile ? can I try this?

Ridwan Thunder said...

if there any another firmware for champ c3262?

SamanalaYa said...

This method is tested on a "Windows Xp Service pack 3" computer. This will not work on "Windows 7 or Windows 8"

Also samsung kies (NOW) upgrade your mobile firmwares. So Just install "samsung kies" and connect the phone with USB cable. Then you can update firmware on any operating system (windows 7 or windows8), no need to watch this video or do complex things.

SamanalaYa said...

Samsung GT-C3262 champ DUOS users. This video is for you.

Watch this tutorial - this is very easy.

If you don not have samsung kies installed on your PC watch this video

Some samsung GT-C3262 users have a problem, Some of them can't install some java apps into their phone. You can avoid this error and Install any java app into your samsung GT-C3262 phone by UPGRADING your phone's firmware.

It's simple.

Just watch this video and do as we do in the video. Everything will be fine.

If you have any question then put a comment. We will try to help you.

Download this video (click on MP4 720p)

This tutorial made by SamanalaYa

Subscribe :-)

Петр Козлов said...

you can upload the firmware on dropbox ??

mohamad wylie said...

terima kasih atas tutor nya master

ramesh galoth said...

its not working

ipras hacktivist said...

Download firmware nya di :


Pakdhe Gatro said...

passwordnya gan/

Amrie Petot said...

Password rar nya apa gan?

Hendri Kamil said...

pasword nya pliss??? :(

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